Friday, August 8, 2014

Visiting Princess Camp

As a titleholder, I'm often mistaken for a princess by some of my younger friends. They see the crown and immediately begin to giggle. They want to touch it (of course they can!), try it on (they can do that, too!), and ask as many questions as they can. "Are you a REAL princess?" "Do you live in a castle?" "Do you have a magic wand?" It is incredibly endearing! 

This week, I had the chance to play princess for my cousin, who was directing a Princess Camp for girls aged 3 to 6. She invited me to stop by on what was a very special day for the campers. They were all wearing pink (many of them were rocking princess gowns) and had plans to create their own tiaras and have their nails done.

I took a few pictures of the action to share here. For privacy purposes, there aren't too many and they don't show faces--but hopefully you'll get a sense of the fun we had the chance to share!

Decorating tiaras--flower foam stickers were a popular choice, as were (surprisingly) frogs!

Each of the tiaras had a unique pattern, and each girl then added special flair of their own.

Lots of little princesses were hard at work!

A princess always takes the time to help out a friend in need.

I had a blast sharing some time with the sweet princesses at camp! They were kind, welcoming, and full of cheer--as every great princess should be! 

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