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Hands Are Not For Hitting

Sarah will bring Martine Agassi's Hands are Not for Hitting to read to the class. Through this book, children learn that violence is never the solution to managing anger--instead, hands can be used for playing, making music, counting, helping, and more.  Questions and discussion will be encouraged.  
Optional: A craft time will follow, where children will create construction paper hands to decorate. This fun project will serve as a reminder of the beautiful things we can create with our hands.


The middle school years are often tough on preteens who are trying to make sense of their place in this world while adjusting to the changes their bodies and minds are going through. B.L.O.O.M. encourages young teens to foster self confidence, as By Loving Ourselves, Others Mimic. Because teens are entering dating relationships earlier than ever before, it is important to set a precedence of self-love and a standard of self-worth to prevent dating violence in the middle school years. Sarah will visit your school and share her story of struggling with self-love and relationships in middle school, as well as tips for encouraging confidence and advice for those beginning to date. Questions and discussion will be encouraged.
Optional: For older students, Sarah will introduce some of the tenants of L8ER H8ER, her program designed for high-schoolers that encourages the use of social media to raise awareness about healthy relationships.

L8ER H8ER: Saying Goodbye to Teen Dating Violence

Sarah will bring L8ER H8ER, her program for preventing teen dating violence, to your school. Each visit will kick off with a creative education segment supplemented by relevant video clips, role playing exercises, and examples of violence pulled from current popular media (TV shows, movies, song lyrics, and more). The goal of the education segment is to empower teens with the tools needed to identify the signs of dating violence (physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and more) and to safely leave an abusive relationship.  Sarah will also invite all students to join L8ER H8ER's online network on Facebook and Twitter, so that discussion regarding teen dating violence will not end when her visit comes to a close. Questions and discussion will be encouraged. 

Visits can all be adjusted to fit the specific needs of certain schools and/or classrooms. To schedule a visit at your school, contact Sarah via email: 

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