Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fleet Week & Memorial Day

Hello, everyone! I can't believe it's already Tuesday. Miss New York Week is over (more on that in future posts), Memorial Day has passed, and summer has unofficially begun. I'm still catching up on so many things: work, cleaning my room, and most importantly sleep! Still, I wanted to share some pictures and stories from my Fleet Week and Memorial Day experiences.

With Miss New York week taking place just before Memorial Day, the timing aligned perfectly with Fleet Week's return to NYC. There were two warships docked on Staten Island, and the Miss New York contestants were able to visit the USS Cole.

We were given a brief tour of the ship. I found it to be fascinating--did you know that these ships hold missiles that are three stories high? I really admire the sailors who protect our nation onboard the USS Cole and similar warships.  They put their life on the line for us each day, something you can't help but be hyperaware of when visiting the USS Cole. In 2000, the Cole was attacked by suicide bombers in Yemen and 17 sailors lost their lives. They were on my heart as I got a better idea of life on a warship.

On Memorial Day, I headed down to Brooklyn to join the Peekskill Pageants family for the 147th Annual Kings County Memorial Day. 

With Miss Cinco De Mayo Arianna, Miss Italia Nadia, Little Miss Cinco De Mayo Shay, and Little Miss Italia Jennifer, I joined what is one of the oldest Memorial Day parades in the nation. The organizers put together an absolutely beautiful morning of remembrance. The Grand Marshals of the day were three Gold Star Mothers--mothers of servicemen who lost their lives serving our nation. With their families, current servicemen, veterans, police officers, fire fighters, government officials, and members of the community, we honored their legacy.

I had the opportunity to sing the National Anthem at the start of the remembrance ceremony. As cheesy as it sounds, it was such an emotional moment to share my pride in being an American through the simple song. I know that I do not have what it takes to serve in the military. The men and women honored yesterday have more bravery in their pinky toe than I do in my entire body. And so I respect them. I honor them. God Bless our service men and women, and God Bless America. 

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