Friday, July 18, 2014

Team MSP - Corporate FunRun 5K

Yesterday, Team MSP took on the Westchester Corporate FunRun, hosted on the beautiful campus of SUNY Purchase.

Team MSP before the race got started

The Corporate FunRun is a new race in town, and we wanted to get in on the action! The goal of the Corporate FunRun is to encourage workers to engage in physical activity while also promoting employee engagement and providing an excellent time to be social with coworkers at an after-race party.

Before the race, Team MSP had the opportunity to set up a table with information about the services My Sisters' Place provides. We also had flyers on Team MSP, and how we are working to support the mission of My Sisters' Place! It is always great to engage with our fellow athletes at these events. While some people have heard about the work My Sisters' Place is doing, many have not. You never know--seeing our table, having a quick chat, and grabbing a pen may make the difference for someone who is in an abusive relationship or knows someone who is. Awareness is key, and it's fun to be part of a team that is getting the word out about domestic violence in such a visible way.

How do YOU move for change?

Before we knew it, it was time for the race to begin. Full disclosure--I haven't ran AT ALL since the North Avenue Mile back in early June. I knew that this race was going to be a rough one, so I didn't set any high expectations for myself. In the end, I had a blast jogging about half of the race and walking half of the race. I spent much of my course time chatting with Tyson and Francine from Team MSP, and our laughter made the uphill stretches much easier to get through!

My second favorite part of any race...mile markers! (My favorite part is the food afterwards...don't judge me)

In the end, I finished the race in about 45 minutes. It may not be a time to write home about, but I had a great time and, most importantly, was able to support Team MSP while doing so!

Mission Accomplished!

I can't wait for next year's Corporate FunRun, because I imagine that it will only get bigger and better. Now if you'll excuse's time to get training for September's Triathlon!

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