Sunday, June 8, 2014

Trinity Plaza Community Picnic

Okay, (short) backstory time!

Here's a picture of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Yonkers, the church that my family attends. Right down the street is the Most Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church:

And right around the corner is the Holy Trinity Orthodox Church:

So, the three Holy Trinity churches make a trinity of their own sort in the neighborhood, and the streets where they lie are often called the Trinity Plaza. My father grew up in this neighborhood (the "Hollow"), and frequented two of the churches. His mother's Irish family were Roman Catholics, while his father's Slovakian family were Lutherans. 

In the years that have passed, many of the original church founders have passed away and their families have moved away. The members that remain come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. However, they all share an important common thread: a heart for the Trinity Plaza community.  This weekend, the churches joined together and invited all of our neighbors to join us for a community picnic.

I was so excited to join in the fun as Miss Empire Star and host a craft table for the children in attendance. It was the perfect opportunity to host another 'Hands Are Not For Hitting' workshop! While I wasn't able to read the book to all of the children, I had it on display while the kids created their own hands to remind them of the wonderful things our hands are capable of creating.

As a titleholder, you really never know what can be thrown your way at an event! One of the advertised activities for the picnic was face painting, but there was no face paint or face painter to be found! To solve the problem, a CVS runs as made and I came out of retirement--yep, I used to work as a birthday party hostess in high school and my early college years! I was joined by some of the lovely ladies from the churches and two adorable sisters, Erin and Lila. We painted masks, flames, butterflies, flowers--whatever we could manage to create with a little help from Google Images!

All in all, it was a fantastic afternoon! The food was great, the company was excellent, and the community came together to celebrate the start of what we hope is an incredible summer.

Crowning the beautiful Sarai! She accessorized with one of my 'Empire Star' stickers!

Lailah called me "Your Highness" all afternoon! Such a sweetie!

 Special thanks to the Yonkers Police Department, particularly the 4th Precent, for your support! They blocked off the streets and let two aspiring deputies see their police car. They also brought grills, and Captain Mueller cooked some fabulous food. Thank you!

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