Monday, November 17, 2014

I Came, I Saw, I Plunged!

This past weekend, I finally participated in an event I've always wanted to attend, but have been to chicken to try...

the Polar Plunge!!! (Can you spot me?)

The Polar Plunge is an event that raises money to support the Special Olympics New York. The premise is simple: gather a team (or choose to go solo), raise funds, and then run into the Long Island Sound on a cold winter (or in our case, fall) day. Compared to some years, this weekend's Plunge was fairly warm at 40 degrees. Some Plunges take place when the weather is so cold, the water has begun to ice over. Brr!

 I was excited to plunge with my alma mater, Sarah Lawrence College, and their student athlete team! As a former student athlete (I played volleyball for the Gryphons) it was a blast to meet some of the current students and the new coaches and athletic director. It was also great to have a fun group to plunge with--I'm not sure I could have handled it alone!

 As promised, I pulled on my Miss New York swimsuit and plunged into the Sound. And to be perfectly wasn't THAT bad. Don't get me wrong--it was SUPER cold! But I think that because I was already cold just waiting to do the Plunge (we were outside from around 10 AM until noon when the Plunge happened) it wasn't such a huge shock to my body. My mom was waiting for me with a giant towel, and I layered up in my coziest sweats to celebrate a morning well spent.

So far, the Westchester Plunge has raised over $67,000 to support the Special Olympics! I'm already looking forward to (or, okay, at least just not dreading) next year's Plunge!

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