Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

It is hard to believe that another year is coming to a close. This time last year, I was making the last minute choice to compete at Miss Flower City, and planning a trip to Rochester in the midst of a huge snowstorm. I didn't know what the future held for me in terms of pageantry, but my 2014 New Year's Resolution was committing to making the most of every opportunity that came my way. I had no way of foreseeing just how incredible the year ahead would be.

After months of hard work, many highs, a few lows, and countless memories made, I was crowned Miss Empire Star 2014. I never saw it coming. Throughout the pageant season, I had gone into almost every pageant feeling confident that I could walk away with a crown. The Empire pageant was the first competition where I felt certain I would not. There were too many girls competing, just one title up for grabs, and my confidence was faltering after placing runner up time and time again. I almost withdrew from the pageant, but the support and love that came from my family, pageant family, and friends gave me the strength to persevere. Winning the crown was not only an incredible honor, but also a humbling reminder that I don't always have everything figured out!

Being crowned Miss Empire Star 2014 was just the beginning of an incredible journey as a local titleholder. I have enjoyed each and every moment of making appearances in my community, supporting my favorite local charities, and visiting so many fun areas of the state.The journey hasn't always been easy. I have doubted myself, become frustrated, and even shed a few tears. Each bump along the way has been an opportunity to better myself, and I am so proud of the woman that I have become in 2014.

I have just a few short weeks left as Miss Empire Star, and I know that the days will fly by. My 2015 resolution? Just like in 2014, I intend to make the most of each of them.

Happy New Year, everyone! Wishing you a year full of love, health, and happiness!

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